Our Tutors

Andrea Ooi

English, English Advanced, English Extension 1, Mathematics

Andrea graduated from Cheltenham Girls High School in 2016. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Vision Science at the University of New South Wales. She is an enthusiastic and friendly tutor who loves to help her students regain confidence and motivation in their studies.

Nathaniel Seil

Economics, Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1, Physics, Science

Nathaniel is currently studying a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and Bachelor of Physics at the University of Sydney. He graduated from Baulkham Hills High School in 2015. He has had a broad range of experiences, from running his own tech business to undertaking an internship at a high-tech physics laboratory at Sydney University.

Kaitlin Finch

Biology, Mathematics, PDHPE

Kaitlin graduated from Pennant Hills High School in 2016 and is currently studying a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at Macquarie University. Kaitlin Finch is a highly committed and caring tutor, who loves seeing students progress and reach their full potential. Kaitlin loves playing netball, is an avid reader, and loves going to the beach!

Brianna Horn

Drama, English Advanced

Brie is currently studying a Bachelor of Speech, Hearing and Language Sciences at Macquarie University and she is absolutely loving it! Brianna Horn is a passionate and encouraging tutor who is committed to helping students get through the stress of school.

Jonathon Walker

Mathematics, English

Jonathon Walker is currently studying Applied Finance and Accounting at Macquarie University. Jonathon didn’t always find school engaging and so he understands the importance of practical learning that is fun yet relevant each week. Jonathon is also keenly interested in politics. He is a lover of all sport, and is also an avid poker player.

Hong Ma

Mathematics, General Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1, Mathematics Extension 2

Hong Ma is a graduate of Sydney Boys High School (2016) where he studied English Advanced, Mathematics Extension 1 & 2, Physics, and Economics. Currently, Hong is in his first year of university studying Civil Engineering with Architecture at the University of New South Wales.
Hong believes it’s important to help students achieve their academic goals whilst maintaining their interests.

Georgia Scott

English Extension 1, English Advanced

Georgia Scott graduated from Pittwater High School in 2007 with a Premier’s Award for Academic Excellence in the HSC, followed by an Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts (Acting) in 2012 at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. Alongside tutoring, she currently also works as a professional actor in theatre, film, TV, voiceover and commercials.

Ally Ryan

Mathematics, English

Ally attended Pennant Hills High School, and graduated in 2016. She is currently studying Psychology (Honours) at Macquarie, and hopes to become an organisational psychologist. Ally earned first place in the HSC exams for Extension English 1, Extension History, and Ancient History at Pennant Hills High School. In her spare time, Ally enjoys going to the beach with friends, reading, and learning new things!

Keven Chen

Mathematics, Chemistry

Keven Chen graduated from The King’s School in 2016 and is currently a first-year university student studying a Bachelor of Commerce and Law at UNSW. Along with an excellent academic record, he has been awarded the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. He is a motivated tutor who is eager to see his students grow and excel both academically and in character.

Aaron Takizad

English, English Advanced, Software Design and Development

Aaron Takizad graduated from Cherrybrook Technology High School with the help of some incredibly helpful tutors and inspiring teachers. As a result, Aaron is passionate about teaching and education, and views these to be the solutions to most of today’s problems. He has been awarded the MQ University Global Leader Scholarship, is recognised as a UN Women Project Inspire Semi Finalist and has earned the AngelHackCode4Impact Award.

Tasnim Ahsan

Mathematics, English, Mathematics Extension 1, Chemistry

Tasnim graduated from Sydney Girls High School in 2016 and is now studying a Bachelor of Law/Bachelor of Science at UNSW. She has won many awards, one of the most prestigious being the Patricia Fell Memorial Medal for ‘Academic Distinction & Contribution to School Life.’ She’s passionate about social justice as well as helping students realise their potential.

Aidan Galea

General Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies

Aidan graduated from St Ives High School in 2014 with the St Ives High School Ambassador Award. He is currently in his third year of a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Secondary) and is incredibly passionate about teaching. Aidan’s other interests include sport, politics and world affairs.

Victoria Lee

Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1, Chemistry

Victoria attended Sydney Girls High School, studying French Continuers, Chemistry, Business Studies, Mathematics Extension2, Mathematics Extension1, English Extension1 and English Advanced for the Higher School Certificate. She is now studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Bioinformatics).

Anuki Suraweera

Mathematics, English, Economics, Mathematics Extension 1

Anuki is currently studying Commerce/Law at the University of Sydney. She graduated from Baulkham Hills High School in the Top 15 of her grade. Throughout her studies, she has won First Awards for subjects such as English, Economics and Modern History. She loves anything to do with learning so she reads, tries to learn French and is even picking up photography in her spare time!

Harrison Moore

Mathematics, Chemistry

Harrison is currently a third year student studying Advanced Science at the University of Sydney. He is also passionate about music, photography and studying history. He makes a genuine tutor, as he is truly enthusiastic about helping others succeed!

Della Indradi

English, Mathematics

Della was born in Indonesia, grew up in Australia, and finished school in Malaysia, so she has been moving around for most of her life. She is now studying Software Engineering and Arts at the University of Sydney. Della won the Edexcel High Achiever’s Award (Top in Malaysia for GCSE ICT), and is a scholarship recipient (University of Sydney Scholar Chancellors Award).

Ervin Zhou

English, Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1

Ervin is a bright and diligent individual. He highly values helping students achieve strong academic results while maintaining their personal interests. In his final HSC year, Ervin headed the prefect initiative aiming to educate students about diverse co-curricular options and career paths.

Shruti Janakiraman

English, Mathematics, Latin

Shruti graduated from Sydney Girls High School in 2016, ranking in the top 10 for her subjects. She is a relatable, knowledgeable tutor, who helps students succeed to the best of their ability. Shruti loves to pass on all the tips and tricks she learnt while tackling high school. She really enjoys watching students progress and become more confident in themselves.

Regina Lee

English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics

Regina graduated from James Ruse Agricultural High School, where she studied Modern History, Physics, Chemistry, English Advanced, English Extension, Mathematics and Mathematics Extension 1. She really enjoys tutoring students and helping them reach their potential.

Raluca Bastucescu

English, Mathematics

Raluca is in her first year at uni, studying a Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Business. She approaches her studies with curiosity and optimism, and loves showing students how to do the same.
Raluca has her own food blog (@munchingaround), and loves food!

Lachlan White

English, Mathematics, Legal Studies, Economics

Lachie is currently studying German and International Relations at the University of Sydney. He is a passionate AFL and cricket fan, and he is currently a member of the Elite Athlete Program at the University of Sydney.

Anika Wenceslao

English, Mathematics

Anika is a student currently studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Technology Sydney. She would love to pursue a career in the aerospace industry. Anika loves travel, and has already visited Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. Anika also loves adventure – she has been skydiving and has other exciting plans for the future!

Ananya Naik

General Mathematics, Mathematics, Extension 1 Mathematics, PDHPE

Ananya Naik is an 18-year-old university student, studying a combined degree in Commerce and Science and Macquarie University. She also works at the Vogue Cafe at the Macquarie Centre, where she makes the most legendary milkshakes! Ananya loved science at high school, and her favourite subject is PDHPE.

Jason Sengmany

Mathematics, Physics

Jason has always been fascinated by the way humans are able to model real life situations with mathematics. He enjoys learning about the fundamental ways in which things work, and loves relating it to the physics and mechanics he has learned. Jason is currently studying Mechanical Engineering (Hons) at UNSW, in his second year.

Nell MacInnes

English, English Ext 1, Ancient History, Modern History, Ext History
Nell MacInnes graduated from Tara Anglican School for Girls in 2014. After finishing high school, Nell spent a year backpacking in Europe and then worked in London. She is currently studying Media at Macquarie University and is passionate about History and English. Nell won the Ruth Slater Award for coming first in the grade in HSC [...]

Darshanna Surendran

Mathematics, Business Studies, Economics

Darshanna is a compassionate and helpful eighteen-year-old uni student. She commenced a combined degree in Bachelor of Commerce with Bachelor of Laws at Macquarie University in 2016, and in her spare time she enjoys reading, scenic walks and socialising with friends and family.

Gus Macdonald

Mathematics, English

Gus is a highly driven leader who loves to share his enthusiasm for learning with his students. He enjoyed his time at Turramurra High School, which included involvement in debating, school leadership, the writing of a school newspaper and his captaincy of the Ultimate Frisbee Team. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts: Media at MQ Uni.

Reuel Loh

Mathematics, English, Economics

Reuel Loh is an aspiring medical student who graduated from Epping Boys in 2015. Reuel won the Epping Boys High School Gold Award for all-round academic achievement in 2015. He is a passionate tutor who loves to help others achieve their personal goals, and enjoys playing a variety of sports.

Josh Leverett

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry

Josh attended Epping Boys High School, graduating in 2015. He studied English Advanced, Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering Studies. Josh is currently undertaking a degree in Chemical Engineering at UNSW. Josh won the Gold Duke of Edinburgh award in 2015. He enjoys football and other outdoor activities.

Jennifer Lee

Mathematics, English

Jenni attended Cherrybrook Technology High School, graduating in 2014. She is currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Laws, majoring in Commercial and Corporate Law. Jenni loves watching awesome TV shows like Game of Thrones. She also enjoys reading in her spare time, and her favourite books are Girl on the Train, and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Joel Hochstetter

Mathematics, Physics

Joel Hochstetter is a friendly science student with a love of learning. He graduated from Epping Boys High School in 2015, making the 2015 All Around Achievers list with six Band 6/E4 results. He is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) degree at the University of New South Wales.

Ursula Huxtable

Science, Mathematics, Selective School Examination Prep

Ursula is currently studying a Bachelor of Science majoring in Biology and Psychological Science with a Diploma of Languages (French) at Macquarie University. Her main interests include animal behaviour and science education, as well as integration of creativity into academic endeavours.

Alex Vustyan

Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1, Physics, Economics

Alex graduated from Epping Boys High School in 2014. He is currently a third year Economics student at the University of Sydney and President of the university’s Economics Society. He is an avid skier and enjoys cycling, calisthenics and reading historical fiction novels.

Nin Indradi


As House Vice Captain and School Prefect during her senior in high school, Nin had the privilege of helping out junior students throughout the year. Tutoring allows Nin to continue to help students to achieve the great results they deserve. Nin topped biology at high school, and is currently studying Civil Engineering at UNSW.

Louise Fisher

Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Louise Fisher is a passionate tutor with a flair for science and mathematics. She has a degree in Veterinary Science from the University of Sydney, and she loves helping students to reach their personal goals. Louise has a diverse range of interests, including all things science, animals, singing, drawing, and video games.

Nick Hodgkinson

Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1

Nick Hodgkinson started at the King’s School in 2002, and graduated in 2014. He studied English Advanced, English Extension 1, Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1, Chemistry, Economics, and Modern History. Nick is currently studying a combined degree of Chemical Engineering (Hons) and Commerce at UNSW.

Brendan Ofner

Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1, Chemistry, Physics, English, English Extension 1

Brendan graduated from Killarney Heights High School, and in 2016 ranked in the top 3 for all of his subjects. Brendan is deeply interested in politics, both domestic and international. He also loves a good read, mainly the classics but every now and then he reads something modern and fun. His favourite author is Virginia Woolf.

Bela Rivas

English, English Extension 1

Bela Rivas graduated from Oakhill College, Castle Hill, in 2014. She studied Advanced and Extension English while at school and is currently study Law/Arts (Journalism and Politics). Bela also sings, writes and immerses herself in Suits and Doctor Who!

Tegan Petrie


Tegan Petrie attended Turramurra High School, graduating in 2008. She studied a Bachelor of Medical Science at UNSW majoring in Pathology and Microbiology, and following her degree worked as a consultant for a recruitment agency. She has since decided to return to her love of science and healthcare, beginning a career in Nursing.

Justin Maher

English, Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1, Chemistry

Justin is a passionate mathematician and scientist. He is currently studying Medical Science, with the intention of completing post-graduate study in order to become a specialist doctor. Justin graduated Oakhill College Castle Hill in 2014 and was presented with a high achiever award, which is given to students who receive an ATAR of 90+.

Venthan Brabaakaran

English, Mathematics

Venthan Brabaakaran is an enthusiastic law student who loves to help others achieve personal goals. He graduated from The King’s School with an ATAR of 98.65, making the 2014 All Around Achievers list with seven Band 6/E4 results. He currently undertaking a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws degree at the University of New South Wales.

Kirsty McKenzie

Mathematics, Science, Biology

Kirsty has a BSc. (Hons.) from Sydney University. She has worked extensively at the University of Sydney as a tutor, practical demonstrator and laboratory assistant. Kirsty has also worked privately as a University level mathematics tutor. So… she loves maths and science! Kirsty is also really into acting, and loves meeting new people.

Sarah Carman

English, General Maths, Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1, Mathematics Extension 2, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Senior Science

Sarah Carman is a passionate tutor, science writer, presenter and health advocate. Sarah has been tutoring since 2009. Sarah completed a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) at The University of Sydney, graduating in 2013.

Zoe Landis

Mathematics, English, Program development

Zoe Landis is studying her Bachelor of Education at Macquarie University. Zoe has worked in a number of preschools across Sydney, as a children’s entertainer and currently, at a GymbaROO on the North Shore. Zoe spent 3 summers working at Camp Wise, an overnight camp in the US as a counsellor and drama specialist and now owns and directs a children’s musical theatre society called RASCALS.

Aly Wilkins

English, Legal Studies, Ancient History, Modern History, Geography

Aly is a friendly and enthusiastic tutor of Legal Studies, History and English. She strongly values the skills of written and verbal communication. Aly completed year 12 at Oakhill College as a high achiever with four band 6’s. She is currently completing a degree in Law and Social Science at Macquarie University.

Chris Abram

Mathematics, Mathematics Ext 1, Physics

Chris is currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) at the University of Sydney. In his time at university, Chris has been involved in many projects involving automated robotics navigation, design and creation of AM radio receivers and the design and creation of medical equipment such as pulse oximeters.

Sophie MacInnes

Mathematics, English

Sophie graduated high school in 2012, before embarking on a gap year in the UK where she worked in a prep boarding school. Sophie loves working with children, so in 2014 she started a Bachelor of Primary Education at UTS.

Nicholas Ang

Video editor for SpongeTV

Nicholas Ang is a Year 11 student studying at Knox Grammar School. His favourite subjects are Business and Legal studies. Outside school, Nick enjoys keeping up with the latest technology trends, and is a passionate photographer, videographer and editor. Nick currently edits and posts quality content to Sponge Education’s YouTube channel, SpongeTV.