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Sponge runs a range of seminars and workshops.
We speak at schools, organisations, conferences and events.

The following talks can be booked for your school or organisation:

It seems like almost every child has tutoring these days. But do they all actually need it?

In this seminar we’ll discuss the circumstances in which tutoring can be beneficial, plus how to recognise when it really isn’t necessary. We also provide a list of criteria for parents to consider when seeking out additional academic support, as well as what to look for in a tutor.

Sarah Carman, founder of Sponge Education, gives a candid recount of her HSC experience – the highs and the lows. Sarah’s talk covers exam preparation techniques, coping with stress, beating procrastination and general tips & tricks for getting through the HSC in one piece!

In year 12, there is an overwhelming emphasis on academic studies, as students want to maximise both marks and tertiary education opportunities. So there isn’t much time free for thinking about what they want to do with their lives after the HSC! This seminar aims to throw around some ideas and open up a range of post-HSC possibilities. After attending this seminar, students approach their HSC with the knowledge that exams are just a stepping-stone towards an exciting life after school.

This seminar covers the basics of HSC assessment. Students and parents will hear about how scores are collated and scaled based on their subjects and rankings within the cohort. The aim of this seminar is to simplify and clarify the process of HSC assessment, so that students can focus on their studies without agonising over marks. Knowledge is power!

A modern approach to the job application process. In this seminar we show students how to prepare, apply and interview for jobs. Whether they are looking for casual employment or an internship, students will learn skills, traits and conduct that get noticed.

High school can be a big jump for primary school students because so much of their world changes at once. This talk aims to equip students with an awareness of the need for different skills at high school, as well as an introduction to these skills and habits.

Doing well academically is always easier for students who know how to study. In this seminar, we will examine the different types of study, revision strategies, time management, beating procrastination, group study vs. individual study, how to compile study notes and much more!

Preserving mental health is a crucial part of growth and development. Sponge holds scenario-based workshops for 10-year-olds, through which we aim to foster resilience. The seminars cover self-talk, conflict-resolution strategies, coping with a range of pressures, and knowing when and how to ask for help.

With high school students under more pressure than ever to achieve academically, parents are often at a loss when it comes to supporting their kids. This seminar explores a range of important issues including communication, organisation, extra curricular activities, study routines, sleep and technology. Parents will leave with practical strategies to address issues in constructive ways.

In this seminar, Sponge founder Sarah Carman talks about her unexpected venture into entrepreneurship, and what she gained from the experience. This is a fantastic motivational talk for young changemakers who want to think outside the box and make a difference in the world.

Students and their parents will hear about the requirements, demands and rewards of different HSC subjects.

In this workshop students will learn about how to get the best out of technology, without it taking over their lives. We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of phones, laptops and other tech resources in the context of learning concepts, preparing for exams, staying connected and maintaining health during high school.

In this seminar we will cover practical strategies parents can use to help their children to rediscover a love of mathematics. We’ll discuss how to help students engage with, enjoy and improve their mathematics, at all year levels.

In this lecture, we inspire primary school students to pursue mathematics, by showcasing some of its coolest and most relevant applications in everyday life.

Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering (STEM) fields are crucial to Australia in terms of technological and social advancement, and yet there is currently a skills shortage of STEM-trained individuals. This seminar will provide a balanced look at the pros and cons of pursuing a career in the STEM field. We’ll also look at how parents can help their kids to stay interested and engaged in science during school.

Sarah Carman, founder of Sponge, presents mental health awareness workshops in schools. In these workshops she aims to challenge the stigma associated with mental illness by providing her own personal experience. The seminar also focuses on the avenues open to students if they ever need to seek help.

In this workshop, Sarah Carman, founder of Sponge, will teach you how to teach others effectively. You will leave with a range of skills and approaches that you can use to train, nurture, support and grow your team.